Wale Feat. French Montana, Diddy & Ma$e – “Slight Work (Remix)”

04.24.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

For weeks, Wale’s been on Twitter teasing the world about the remix to his current hit single, “Slight Work,” claiming the track’s co-conspirators would shock everyone. With the song’s liberation moments ago, Folarin may have accomplished just that. French Montana’s not exactly surprising given his connection with MMG and the fact he’s one of rap’s more talked about names at the moment*. However, seeing Diddy and Mase on a track together in 2012 may not have been high on the list of guesses.

For what it’s worth, Puffy delivers his best ghostwritten verse while Mase closes the track out with his now patented Betha flow. That said, The Good Reverend’s voice has always been sort of high pitched, but it definitely sounds like he swallowed an entire tank of helium before recording this. All in all, the remix is cool and sure to get people talking. I need more spins, but off the first three listens, the original reigns supreme if we’re comparing the two. Sean’s whole “25/night/life” part is still dope to recite drunk.

* – For whatever reason, the file is labeled with Meek Mill slated as a feature, but he doesn’t appear on the track.

Wale Feat. French Montana, Diddy & Ma$e – “Slight Work (Remix)”


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