Peyton Hillis Seems Like A Stable Guy

03.01.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

After a letdown season plagued by flaky behavior and disappointing production on the field, Peyton Hillis won’t be given the franchise tag by the Browns, meaning he’ll now hit the open free agent market. That makes his search for his fourth different agent in the span of a year a little more urgent. Teams will undoubtedly be lining around the block for his services, considering Hillis, in addition to alienating teammates, isn’t entirely sure he wants to continue playing football at all, not with the higher calling of being a spook in the offing.

Via Adam Schefter:

Throughout the past season, Hillis has wavered about whether he wants to continue playing football, and even considered joining the CIA, according to team sources.

Well then. Should Hillis decide he still wants to make a go of it in the NFL (and a team feels like taking a flyer on him) “The Manchurian Running Back” might stick as a potential nickname. If not, I’m sure the Browns would appreciate it if he practiced extraordinary rendition on the rest of the AFC North. Or at least send someone out from one of the field offices to show them how an RGIII works.

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