Peyton Manning And Colts Agree To See Other People

03.06.12 6 years ago 48 Comments

According to everybody, on Wednesday the Colts will release renowned sheriff and sometimes battleship Peyton Manning into the wild, where the quarterback will be frightened by the fresh air and lack of game tape. Indianapolis-area Steak ‘n Shakes on operating on a Comfort Food Alert, Code Corn Syrup for the next 72 hours.

Eventually, Pey-Pey will end up on whichever quarterback desperate team that isn’t willing to pony up the draft picks for RGIII or the long-term money for Matt Flynn. Or maybe the Redskins, even though they could do both. Just for the laughs. And the Sally Jenkins columns. I’d support it.

Quick, everybody – be really annoying!

Ah, “part ways”. That’s so much classier than “released by reason of cost and NeckAIDS”.

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