Yes, Yes: It’s a New Template

06.11.07 11 years ago 66 Comments

Things have been hard for us this off-season. The winter arrived late, after February 4th. The cold re-doubled its efforts as we left Miami and the Super Bowl in our chronological rearview mirror, and here in New York City, the home of NFL headquarters, the snow persisted until mid-March. It was heavy with symbolism, representative of the milieu of NFL fans and KSK bloggers while basketball seasons trudged on, and hockey was played somewhere.

We had our moments, naturally. The mock drafts were a hell of a lot of fun, of course. And Big Daddy Drew presciently planned for a series of pot-fueled adventures for Michael Vick, even before Vick’s water bottle incident at the airport began the most troubled offseason for a star player in history. Well, at least since Ray Lewis killed those people. But that was before Goodell’s watch.

Anyway, the point is, we realize that we’ve been lazy and off-topic and generally uninspired.

But happenings are afoot. Play around in the archives, and you’ll see that our momentous one-year anniversary is ticking ever closer. We’ve got some plans to have fun with it — who doesn’t like a birthday party? — but more importantly, we’re breathing down the neck of training camp. Hell, by my unscientific calculations, the beginning of the NFL season is less than a mere calendar season away.

Which brings us to the new template, the work of our own Monday Morning Punter. You can love it or hate it, but you’re bound to get used to it. We happen to enjoy the sheen of pseudo-professionalism, the way the lettering stands out on the dark background, making for an easier read. Also nice: we no longer have to secretly swear vengeance upon other bloggers who choose to use our retired Template #897. And I can’t speak for everyone on this one, but I know I’m a little more inspired now that the Patron Matron Saint and Broadway Joe are looking down on us from the header every day.

And that, friends, is enough to give me a bounce in my step as we continue this interminable march toward the second NFL season on Kissing Suzy Kolber’s watch. So get your fantasy draft boards ready, and psyche yourself up for a new round of Peyton Manning commercials: KSK is going to stop sucking — sometime in the next three months, but probably sooner.

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