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Keeping up with new music can be exhausting, even impossible. From the weekly album releases to standalone singles dropping on a daily basis, the amount of music is so vast it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks. Even following along with the Uproxx recommendations on daily basis can be a lot to ask, so every Monday we’re offering up this rundown of the best music released in the last week.

This week sees the long-awaited offering of Zayn’s sophomore collection, the audio companion to Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show, and a hip-hop soundtrack to one of the best-reviewed films of the year. Yeah, it was still a pretty good week for music. Check out the highlights below.

Zayn — Icarus Falls

Harry Styles may be the breakout star of One Direction, but Zayn is the most enigmatic, and his latest offering has been long-delayed. “We were meant to be releasing around [last] February, March time, but a lot of it comes down to what promotion I’m willing to do,” he said about the record, but now that it is out in the world, it is up to fans to judge if the wait was worth it.

Bruce Springsteen — Springsteen On Broadway

The hottest ticket on Broadway (at least this side of Hamilton) now will be available for all to listen to for everyone without a pricey ticket. This collection includes many Springsteen stories along with his classics, accompanying a visual release that will be offered on Netflix. Even if you’re not in the seats, the magic is still palpable.

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