Best Video Game Prize Ever: Japanese Sex Doll

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If you’re anything like me, earning yourself painful blisters and bacne is reward enough for all your days dedicated to online gaming. On the contrary, if you’re anything like the Chinese, then you probably enjoy your rewards a little more captivating -say, in the form of a Japanese sex doll for instance. Well played, China, well played.

In exchange for your hard earned points, Chinese gaming site War Hero Online is offering the dough-eyed beauty you see above. I mean, I guess you could trade in for the Swiss Army Knife or Zippo and call it a day, but I’ve got a feeling about you: I can tell that you’re the kind of reader who aims for the moon and knows that even if you miss, you’ll still end up among the stars Japanese sex dolls.

From the awesomely translated

Recently, a domestic online games attracted many players propaganda official attention, organized to promote the game related activities, accompanied by players from the game gold prizes, gifts can be said to the surrounding rare. However, in the event of division of the “Grand Award” is of concern because it is not a laptop nor a car, but a real percentage of net imports in Japan, “inflatable doll.”

“Inflatable doll” is a high simulation of adult sex toys, instead of a real person to meet the demand. Can be divided into male and female dolls, usually in the adult goods stores.

What makes this story even better is the announcement of China’s new lockdown on online gaming companies using sex, gambling or violence to promote their products. I imagine hardcore Chinese gamers telling their grandchildren, “When I was a 30-year-old, you could win sex dolls from online gaming. Simpler times, they were.”

The new regulation from the ministry of culture is the first to be applied to the country’s online gaming industry, according to state media.

More than 69 million people, most of them young, play online games in China.

Officials from the culture ministry are unhappy that the game producers have used young women embroiled in sex scandals or employed in the pornography industry to promote their products.

So the government has decided to act. From next month local officials will be able to force website owners to delete what is called vulgar content in online game promotions.

Violence and profanities will be banned from all the advertisements but not, it appears, from the games themselves. [BBC]

The real victim in all of this is the sex doll itself. Say what you will, but that sex doll has a heart. It also has rubber skin and three functioning orifices, but I’d like to focus on the heart right now. Because the heart wants what the heart -oh who am I kidding, it’s a sex doll.

*instantly cashes in all gaming points, only has enough for Zippo lighter*

And a mighty sombrero of friendship to Geekosystem for the tip.

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