The Sarah Kruzan Story

10.20.09 9 years ago 52 Comments

Perhaps the biggest flaw in the judicial system is that law school cannot teach its students to differentiate between the vile and the victims.  The case of Sarah Kruzan appears to be yet another one of those instances where rehabilitation is just a fancy word for “good riddance.”

Growing up with a drug addicted mother in California, Sarah Kruzan had the classic nightmarish childhood: abuse, rape, neglect — the usual suspects. Unsurprisingly, she trusted to a creep who claimed to have her best interests in mind, but eventually she killed him at the age of 16 years old. With the judge subsequently throwing the book at her like she had been around long enough to read it.

Why didn’t her back story come into play when evaluating her sentence? Why does the system pretend to hold certain individuals’ life in such high regard when they’re the plantiff when it’s the complete opposite as the defendant? And why couldn’t they see that they were committing a bigger homicide than what Ms. Kruzan admitted to?

Questions need answered before the problems are resolved.

For more information on the juvenile justice system, visit the National Center for Youth Law.

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