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Dan wants you to know your cellphone isn’t a boom box.  Seriously, stop doing that. [

Matthew Vaughn is directing the next X-Men movie [Filmdrunk]

Lost finale is going to be longer, still explain nothing [WarmingGlow]

Danny Trejo and Robert Rodriguez have a message for Arizona [TheSmokingSection]

A gallery of Avatar cosplay [Unreality]

Guy wins $1 million for beating a video game on the first day of release.  What an overachiever. [WithLeather]

Grammar Nazis are serious business. [CollegeHumor]

Roger Ebert asks his Twitter followers to write his 5-word Webby Awards acceptance speech [Urlesque]

Star Wars baby announcement [ComicsAlliance]

Michael J. Fox Hijacks Stephen Colbert’s Desk (video autoplays) [TVSquad]

10 cool ways to die in movies. Being an extra in a Rambo film not one of them. [Gunaxin]

VIDEO BELOW: Deep Thoughts Of A Robot [via UniqueDaily]

[Pictures via MaybeMagnetGirl]

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