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03.25.10 2 Comments

Chodin wrote this feature on 6 Facebook friends to avoid in the event of the apocalypse. [Uproxx]

Ah, local news.  What would the internet do without you? [WarmingGlow]

8 people you’ll find in a music store [Guyism]

Young woman balances books on her head while solving a Rubik’s cube and counting Pi to 100 places [CollegeHumor]

New Iron Man 2 poster [Filmdrunk]

Tip your forties for TV star Robert Culp. [InsideTV]

3 minute hockey fight.  If that isn’t enough to catch your interest, it’s like I don’t even know you anymore. [WithLeather]

“The Greatest Unattributed Quotation Of All Time” [KissingSuzyKolber]

‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ studio interested in a Bane spinoff? [ComicsAlliance]

Greenville, South Carolina lights up the sky for Google Fiber [Urlesque]

Where Are They Now? The Cast of The Neverending Story [Unreality]

VIDEO BELOW: The story of Tesla, as told by a drunk. (starring John C. Reilly and Crispin Glover) [via HYST]

[Picture via fyeahdogs]

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