Little Boy Blue: He Needed the MoneyGiants gear up for Coughlin farewell tour

08.24.07 11 years ago 39 Comments
Worst upskirt ever.

Bob Glauber (not as mellifluous as Bob Dobalina, but close) is reporting that Michael Strahan has folded like a cheap pup tent and will slink into Giants’ camp within the next day or two– without the renegotiated contract he so desperately sought. I’m no Archimedes, but I know a little something about leverage. And rapidly aging defensive ends with ridiculously large alimony payments have no leverage.

Elsewhere in Giantdom, the Eli Manning-Tiki Barber catfight is reminiscent of the recent beef between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell in that we really don’t give a rat’s ass about either side and would be perfectly content to see all parties hop into a roaring fire. Tiki needs something to ramp up his transition from lousy teammate to lousy broadcaster.

On the other hand, before the 2004 draft– for what seems to be the first and last time in his life– Manning decided to play hardass. He forced the Chargers to grant his wish and trade him to the most intense media crucible in all of sports. Now, according to Tony K. on PTI Wednesday, we should feel sorry for Eli because Tiki is picking on him. Fuck. That. Noise.

Remember Eli, there’s much less scrutiny on the squash court.

The many faces of Manning: running the gamut from mild confusion to utter bewilderment. From the Sports Hernia.

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