Play Quadrocopter Off, Keyboard Cat

Entertainment Editor

Not content with teaching a quadrotor helicopter how to be a

Researchers study high-performance flight, fast-changing flight maneuvers and other topics [Ed.- world domination] using the quadrocopters. The piano isn’t a new notion — one of the lab’s researchers, Angela Schöllig, spends her time synchronizing quadrocopters’ flight to music. [PopSci]

That’s what we need.  Quadrocopters that synchronize their takeovers of our cities to “Ride of the Valkyries”.  The horror, the horror.

Here’s a video of a quadrocopter nicknamed Echo playing “Jingle Bells” and then failing spectacularly at the end. Ha, in your face Echo.  You suck so much.  I’m laughing at your failure and there’s nothing you can do about . . . it’s right behind me isn’t it?

[Hat tip and a one horse open sleigh to Engadget. Inset pic via PleatedJeans.]

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