Rover Finds Evidence Of Water On Mars…Despite Being Hopelessly Stuck

11.01.10 8 years ago

Hey remember Spirit? The Mars Rover that NASA had to abandon because it got stuck in a Martian pothole back in 2009? Well, it’s apparently still uselessly stuck, but it’s provided one more bit of new information: NASA scientists think that it’s found proof that there’s water beneath the surface of Mars.

It’s actually not new information – the rover’s been out of contact with NASA since March, 2010. But, NASA had it sample the ground underneath where it’s been stuck before they lost contact and discovered that ferric sulfites, while found deep underground, weren’t in the topsoil. That makes them think that water leaching caused the minerals to sink beneath the ground. So, there could be water on Mars.

As for the poor rover, it’s still stuck in that pothole, unable to contact NASA as they weren’t able to align it’s solar panels to charge it’s batteries before the Martian winter hit. But they’re hoping that once Martian Spring rolls around (that’ll happen this November), they’ll be able to reconnect with the rover and give it more orders… to sit right where it is.


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