Want the Star Trek OS On Your iPad?

Senior Contributor

Did you ever look at the computers on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, and wish that you had a touchscreen capable OS of ungodly power?

Well, so did the guys at Apple, but they screwed up and didn’t get the interface right, instead giving us some bland button crap instead of the complex pulldown menus and complicated multiple screens that we deeply desired. Curse you, user friendliness!

Fortunately, Pascal vd Heiden (AKA “CodeImp”) has filled the gap and given us the OS we all crave. It’s note perfect right down to the sounds and feedback to various commands and requests. Check out its glorious nerdiness under the jump.

Shown in this video are:

– Agenda/Calendar

– Shopping list (Groceries)

– Rain radar

– Train departure times (because the train station is nearby)

– Library & Media player (connected to home cinema set)

– Internet browser

Not shown, but also operational is bluetooth support (notice the Transfer button to send the shopping list to your telephone) [CodeImp via the Daily What]

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