Three Food Writers Battle To Make The Best Food From Movies And TV

UPROXX/Rysher Entertainment

This is some serious full circle sh*t. It all started with food in movies. My original pitch to Zach and Vince for the first-ever Uproxx Cooking Battle, which I lost handily, was based on my fervent love for the “World’s Greatest Sandwich” from the movie Spanglish. That modified BLT inspired me to try a series about three home chefs riffing on themed recipes (also, I really like BLTs), but it wasn’t until the 11th-hour decision to start teasing one another’s cooking that the series fully came to life.

Three years later, the boys and I are hustling to spin the series into a TV show, it’s given us the chance to get shredded by Padma Lakshmi, and — most importantly — we’ve developed a base of fans who write microfictions and elaborate burns, mocking us mercilessly.

To celebrate our 25th entry in the series (though only 24 are counted in the standings), we decided to chase internet-food singularity by asking Andrew Rea to do the roasting. The second we saw Rea’s show, Binging with Babish, we knew he had lightning in a bottle. We interviewed him early on and we’ve been fans ever since. Few people in the food space are as aligned with Zach, Vince, and my shared mantra of “make food conversation fun” as Rea. In just a few short years, he’s become a luminary in the field, even getting featured in Netflix’s The Chef Show.

So read on as we battle over food from movies and TV. Then dive into the comments and tear us to pieces. Because we all brought our A+ games to this one and a lot of pride is on the line. Especially with Rea, the unarguable mayor of food in pop culture, overseeing our efforts.

— Steve Bramucci, Editorial Director, Uproxx Life