The First Annual KsK Kares Charity Drive

09.03.07 11 years ago 24 Comments

As you know, this site is used mostly for evil purposes. And we have every intention of keeping it that way. But, since this is the opening week of the NFL, we can’t help but be downright cheery about our good fortune. So, it would seem appropriate that we make a small, fairly pathetic effort to spread that good fortune around to those in need. I have no confidence that this endeavor will help balance out our karma. It’s one dollar off a trillion dollar pile of ill will. But it’ll at least give me the illusion that I’m doing something good, and that’s all that matters.

And so today, the very same day Jerry Lewis wheels out his little retards to win your heart over, we’re holding our first ever KsK Kares Charity Drive. At the end of each post this week, we’ll be linking to an online donation form for Fisher House, an organization that helps disabled veterans and their families. Fisher House got a 4-star charity rating (out of four!) from independent evaluators, and you can elect to have 100% of the money you donate go directly to veteran care, and not overhead. Fucking overhead.

Your donation is also tax deductible. Which means you don’t have to feel like a complete bleeding heart pussy when you give. Best of all, giving to Fisher House will give you a smug sense of self-satisfaction that, I assure you, is well worth every penny. You can even mention it in passing to a dinner date. She’ll think that you’re not only kind, but also surprisingly modest about just how kind you are. That’s worth at least a handjob, according to a Neil Strauss manual I recently purchased.

The link to directly donate is right here. And you can read more about FH here. I’m giving $20, a fair price for being able to be so selfish about my selflessness. You’ll see this link at the end of each post this week. Otherwise, it’s dick jokes as usual around here. Tally ho!

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