Marvel Studios Won’t Shut Up About Thor

12.13.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

We’ve all read interviews about upcoming movies where people behind the scenes only spill a couple paragraphs about the film before scurrying off into the darkness to keep working on it. But, that’s not what Collider got when they interviewed Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige. Nope, he just kept on talking and talking and they got pages and pages of info about Thor. So much so, that they had to give a summary of info from the talk at the beginning, since non-Marvel nerds were probably not going to wade through the whole thing. Here’s how Collider writer Steve ‘Frosty’ Weinstraub summarized the gabfest:

  • Thor’s costume is based on the Kirby/Simonson comics
  • The script for Thor called for about 50/50, maybe 60/40 Asgard to Earth (meaning a lot of the movie doesn’t take place on Earth)
  • J. Michael Straczynski’s work is their inspiration of the Earth-bound stuff, confirms Destroyer and that he “appears in a number of key scenes throughout the movie.”  Also they aren’t straying too far from the comic.
  • The Frost Giants play a major role in Thor
  • Odin’s Vault is a big part of Thor and it also figures prominently into other Marvel movies.  Feige says, “Odin’s vault which is where a number of the most dangerous relics of the nine realms are kept.”  He went onto say, “There are a couple of key McGuffins kept in here which lead to the story of the movie and even the story of other movies.”
  • We then asked him if they’re trying to ease audiences into other things besides just the superhero stuff.  He said: “Iron Man is entirely about tech. Hulk starts the break open the idea of biological enhancement which clearly goes into Cap. This cracks into the cosmic and other worlds. Dr. Strange will eventually get into the supernatural.”
  • He also used this quote a lot to describe Thor, “Technology significantly advanced would be indistinguishable from magic.”  Meaning they are so far ahead of us that to us what they can do is magic, but it’s nothing for them because they are so far advanced.  It would be like us taking cell phones back to people hundreds of years ago.  They would think we’re Gods.  But in actuality, we’re just using technology.
  • What I really found in interesting is when Feige talked about Earth’s history with Asgard.  He was explaining why humans hundreds of years ago looked like Asgardians: “These are being who live in another realm, who live on another planet, who had a way to travel to here and has traveled here in the past. Specifically, a thousand some odd years ago, in which the locals interpreted them as gods and started mimicking some of their clothing and some of their helmet and weapon designs. But they didn’t have access to the building materials that Asgardians did so they made it out of wood and horns and fur.”

If you got some time to kill, you can read the full interview here.

There’s also the new Thor Trailer. Catch it after the jump.


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