Neil Gaiman’s Death Visits Superman, Gaiman Fans to Whine About It

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07.12.10 5 Comments

Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” is widely considered a revolutionary comic, which it was, partially because you hadn’t ever seen comics like this before, and partially because it brought a new audience to comics: pretentious types who pretended they got all the literary references. True, Gaiman didn’t intend to appeal to the kind of person who wears a lot of black, has a Ph.D in Creative Writing they never use, and listens to Tori Amos, but, well, that turned out to be the audience (although Gaiman fits two out of three of those criteria). Hey, it paved the way for “Y: The Last Man” and they were still good comics, you just had to nod very quickly and step away when some dude in a black turtleneck wanted to try and convince you about the Dadaist symbolism of Cain and Abel in the Dream realm. And he got steady gigs and the single clingiest fanbase we’ve seen this side of “Twilight” out of it, so good for him.

Said pretentious types especially loved Death, a cute, perky little thing who collects souls not out of malice but out of generosity. In other words, Death was pretty much a grad student’s ideal woman and/or ideal power fantasy, and they ate it up like organic free-trade cookies.

Well, now DC’s going to ruin all that by featuring Death in a Superman comic. Apparently, Lex Luthor is out and about, looking for new types of power, and he runs up against Death. Yeah. That’ll end well.

Gaiman has approved the appearance, but we predict legions of fans will post legions of whiny posts about how Death is ruined FOREVER anyway. We can’t wait: we predict somebody will unleash the full powers of their Women’s Studies MFA to explain why featuring Death in a comic they don’t like is sexist before the week is out, if it hasn’t happened already.

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