White Men Can’t Jump…Or Play In The NBA

12.08.09 9 years ago 50 Comments

Interesting statistics ESPN’s Outside The Lines compiled when highlighting on race in the NBA. As math would have it, White Americans’ presence in the league is at a historic low. Off the top of my head, the only active White American player I could think of was J.J. Redick. When Jerry West was asked the same question, all he could do was chuckle. And if anybody knows the NBA roster, it would be him. He played when they used peach baskets and will more than likely die a GM.

But there is validity in the statement that White college stars have trouble adjusting to the pro game. The aforementioned Redick would rather be a rapper than work on his isolation tactics. Bless Kyle Mcalarney’s heart but Mike Dunleavy took his life-long dream and wiped his ass with it. And where art thou Tyler Hansbrough? You were supposed to make up for Eric Montross, not join him.

Somewhere, a 6’7″ point guard in Croatia is smiling at the prospect of living the American dream.

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