Are They Literally Killing Indiana Jones?

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You know, as opposed to the figurative death the last movie inflicted on the character, GEORGE.

Rumors are going around that Harrison Ford, who lately has been underplaying his roles so much all his characters seem to have dropped a few Quaaludes, wants to off Indy after the next Indiana Jones film. Before everyone freaks out, it’s worth remembering that A) this is unsubstantiated, B) there’s no fifth Indiana Jones movie even being made right now, although it’s hard to imagine Lucas turning down anything to feed the throat-pouch, C) that if there were, a downer-ending-averse Hollywood would never go for it, and D) Harrison Ford is nearly seventy frickin’ years old, so forget Indy dying in the script, he might actually die on set. Adding to the furor is the claim that Indy would pass the hat to his son, played by some douche Hollywood mistook for a star for five minutes.

Oh, also, Ford’s rep said it was a crock. So, yeah, calm down.

[ via Topless Robot, who didn’t throw us the whip ]

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