Joell Ortiz & Novel – “Stressful”

12.10.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

Joell could sing the same old song all the time and I wouldn’t get tired of it. Spin the same themes — poverty, hustlin’ & the come-up — and it’ll still sound better than each time before, leading you to believe “damn, this guy had the worst adolescence ever.” The reason being is because he’s always able to bring out an unrevealed strand with intimate detail.

“I’m a product of project poverty,
For about two years, I knew the man that fathered me.
It was just mom and me, going to play the lottery
Walking into the stores that was targets for armed robbery…”

Pain and poetry never sounded so close to perfection.

Bringing along newcomer Cri$tyle, “Stressful” comes from Joell & Novel’s collaborative project, Defying The Predictable, and it’s their take on Drake & Trey’s “Successful.”

Download — Joell Ortiz & Novel Feat. Cri$tyle aka The Ink – “Stressful”


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