Kevin Gates’s ‘Luca Brasi 2 (Intro)’ Video Displays The Difference Between Dope And Disposable

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
12.21.15 2 Comments

Kevin Gates’ ISLAH is set to arrive in early 2016 and, before he moves on to that project, he’s doubling back to Luca Brasi 2 to treat fans a new, self-directed visual for the intro track. Obviously, the song’s a little old at this point but that’s the difference between disposable and dope. Disposable cuts have a short shelf life, eventually drifting away once the trendy dance or other cliches attached to them fall out of favor. Dope is seeing and hearing Gates climb to the top turnbuckle and going for the gusto, bodying the beat into submission. The album opener sounds as fresh as the first time and you can bookmark this write-up, then come back next December and the song will still sound the same.

In fact, while waiting for ISLAH, revisit Brasi 2 right here.

(Via BWA)

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