Tank Skateboard Eats Segways For Breakfast

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09.14.10 2 Comments

Ben Gulak at BPG Werks put up some new videos for his DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) Shredder, which is a fancy way of saying it’s a tank skateboard.  It seriously kicks ass.  I guess it has military applications as well, like medical evacuation and reconnaissance, but mostly I’m just thinking of things I could ramp it off of.

Here’s a list of specs:

  • It weighs 125 pounds (56 kg) but can drag 1200 pounds when remote controlled or 700 pounds when manned.
  • Has a 15 horsepower Honda 4-stroke 200cc engine.
  • Its top speed is 30mph on land, even faster when you drop it out of a plane. (Don’t.)
  • 4 foot turning radius
  • They say it can be used as a “robot attack platform”, and I say it’s about time we declared war on all these frickin’ robots.
  • 16 ft/lb torque
  • Once made a Segway cry by banging his mom, who was a toaster (ooo, burn).
  • Can handle slopes up to 40 degrees
  • He killed his sensei in a duel, and he never said why. (Wait, that was George Washington.)

Feel free to mute the Linkin Park soundtrack on the first video. What the hell?  You’re better than that, DVT Shredder.

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