The Winners And Losers Of An Insane First Day Of NBA Free Agency

07.01.19 3 weeks ago

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Free agency is off and running
in the NBA and, predictably, chaos reigned in the opening hours. While there are many more dominos to fall, including some of a high-profile nature, it is time to weigh in on the teams that had good outcomes and bad outcomes on day one of the frenzy.

Here we go.


Brooklyn Nets

A lot of things happened on Sunday but the biggest domino, by far, happened in Brooklyn. The Nets picked up Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in a matter of minutes (or at least it was reported in minutes) and, quite obviously, that is a coup for the franchise. It is worth a reminder that Durant probably isn’t going to be a big factor for the 2019-20 season, but Brooklyn also added on the edges with Garrett Temple and DeAndre Jordan, fortifying its roster considerably.

Having Irving as the centerpiece of the team comes with some downside, as residents of Boston could testify, but the Nets had a fantastic start to free agency and stole the show in stunning fashion.

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