All The Biggest Rap Beefs That Dominated 2018


To say 2018 was one hell of a year, if not an outright exercise in developing an unfortunate tolerance to vapidity masquerading as innovation, simply isn’t enough. Everyone really went through it last year, and we most certainly have the scars to prove it. Still, at least we have music.

And despite what your resident purist or full-time naysayer might have you believe, 2018 was absolutely stacked with essential releases from artists spanning multiple generations, all moving more toward a welcomed genrelessness in their own way. Of course, tucked into that hectic release year was an equal assortment of artist feuds. While some were mere social media-based entertainment at its finest — i.e. Kanye West battling his own legacy — others were uniquely 808s & Heartbreaking.

Below, we’ve compiled a carefully curated retrospective on 2018 in beefs, feuds, and cult-backed legal threats, as a way of putting the year to bed. Enjoy.

Bhad Bhabie vs. Iggy Azalea

Hello, levity.

A full 10 months after initially dissing Iggy Azalea on the “Hi Bich” remix, concerned citizens woke up to reports that Bhad Bhabie had tossed a “drink” at Iggy during a Cardi B-hosted Fashion Nova event. Now, an entire book could be written on exactly how f*cked up and grotesquely salacious it was for multiple outlets to use the word “drink” to describe literal water thrown by a 15-year-old artist, but that’s not why we’re here.