Three Food Writers Try To Impress Chef Alvin Cailan With Breakfast Sandwiches

If ever there was a cooking battle that needs no introduction, it’s this one. Breakfast sandwiches are such a delicious no-brainer that it’s a marvel we haven’t featured them already.

Egg. Cheese. Some sort of pork. This should be easy, right? Right?

Turns out, not so much. For as straightforward as this meal sounds, it’s got endless variations and our three food writers all went in wildly different directions. Luckily, we had the current king of the breakfast game watching over (and mocking) our efforts. If you don’t know who Chef Alvin Cailan is, well, you haven’t been staying up on the A.M. eating scene. His food cart-turned-international-chain Eggslut is the sort of place that LA’s cool kids have been lining up at for years now. And not just because it’s popular on Instagram, but because the food is freaking delicious.

Read on as Vince Mancini, Zach Johnston, and I all clamor to impress Chef Alvin with our best breakfast sandwiches and burns. And be sure to check the chef’s newest season of The Burger Show on YouTube.

— Steve Bramucci, Editorial Director, Uproxx Life