All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

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This was an especially great week for new releases. One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, who hadn’t released a new single since 2017, dropped a heartbreaking new track. Billie Eilish courted controversy with her new track “Wish You Were Gay,” but hold your judgments about the song until you actually listen to it. Maren Morris and Sigrid finally released their highly anticipated new records this week, and Khalid shared another new track from his LP due out next month.

Every week, Uproxx will round out the best new pop releases of the last seven days. Listen up.

Louis Tomlinson, “Two Of Us”

Louis Tomlinson is the only former member of One Direction to not have released a collection of solo music since the band went on hiatus in 2015, but that’s about to change soon. Tomlinson assures fans that his debut record is almost ready, and he shared a new track to thank fans for being patient. “Two Of Us” is a heartbreaking tribute to Tomlinson’s mother, who passed away from cancer in 2016. Tomlinson isn’t afraid to be vulnerable in the song, and the delicate, piano-driven track is a lovely dedication to her memory.

Charly Bliss, “Chatroom”

The second single off Charly Bliss‘ upcoming record Young Enough, “Chatroom” is acidic, vengeful pop perfection. Singer Eva Hendricks eviscerates an awful and abusive man over a sugary pop beat — while the contrast between those elements sounds massive, we all know that a danceable beat doesn’t mean trivial subject matter. “Chatroom” is great as a standalone song, of course, but CB’s music videos are always outstanding, and the one for “Chatroom” is especially striking.

Khalid, “My Bad”

My Bad” might be the most romantic song ever about avoiding someone’s texts. The latest single off Khalid‘s upcoming album Free Spirit is smooth and sweet-talking, as Khalid urges his love to chill out with the texts and bask in the comfort of their feelings for one another. Khalid assures that it’s “his bad” for not responding, and he’s got decent excuses — being busy at work, this whole business about avoiding texts on purpose to prove a point. With that melty voice, Khalid could make anything sound convincing. Maybe ignoring texts is the epitome of love.

Maren Morris, “The Feels”

Your mileage may vary on Maren Morris‘ new album Girl as a whole, but there’s no denying that “The Feels” is a fizzy country-pop classic. Over a breezy beat, Morris details an infatuation that makes her feel “like the tickle of the bubbles in a bottle of cheap champagne” and lets her affections tumble out as fast as they’re felt. Morris is at her best when she’s having fun, and “The Feels” is sunny, infectious fun.

Kindness, Feat. Robyn, “Cry Everything”

Dance-pop musician Kindness (real name Adam Bainbridge) shares vocals with close friend and collaborator Robyn on their first new single since 2014. “Cry Everything” finds healing in music and gathering of community. Crying isn’t always wallowing — sometimes it’s about catharsis and allowing yourself to feel what you need to in order to move on. Kindness and Robyn have collaborated many times before, most recently on Robyn’s album Honey, and it’s great to hear them singing, dancing, and crying together again.

Billie Eilish, “Wish You Were Gay”

Wish You Were Gay” isn’t Billie Eilish‘s coming out song. On the new track, Eilish admits a crush on a dazzling boy who doesn’t feel the same way about her. Rather than face the truth that her crush just doesn’t like her, Eilish wishes there were a different excuse — that he’s gay, and he doesn’t like any girls. Some people took offense at her “queerbaiting” fans with the provocative title, only to reveal that she is, in fact, making light of queerness in the lyrics of the song. But to my ears, the song is more of an honest look at teenage infatuation, warts and all. It’s got a sweet, sad acoustic melody that lets the lyrics shine.

Marshmello, Feat. Chvrches, “Here With Me”

Following up the massive success of his single “Happier” (I swear that song plays in every Uber and spin class I have been in during the last six months), Marshmello has released a collab with Scottish indie pop group Chvrches. “Here With Me” is a short, sweet two-and-a-half minutes, with Lauren Mayberry’s voice yearning over Marshmello’s snappy EDM beat. It’s kind of a strange collaboration — Chvrches definitely fall more on the indie side of pop, and Marshmello has a $60 million Las Vegas residency deal. But, hey, if it gets Chvrches on the radio, it’s cool by me.

Sigrid, “Business Dinners”

“Business Dinners” isn’t even the best song on Sigrid‘s debut album Sucker Punch, but it’s the one I can’t get out of my head. “Business Dinners” is sugary and glitchy, full of weird diversions and a killer earworm chorus. In the song, Sigrid shares her pride in what makes her unique and waves off the producers and studio executives who want her to be anything other than what she is. Sucker Punch is as assured and confident as debut albums come, and the fizzy, fuzzy weirdness of a song like “Business Dinners” proves why the Norwegian pop singer is one to watch.