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01.19.10 19 Comments

     Oooo, Ahhh, *dead*

With all the Avatar-related depression CNN reported (based on their crack research into message board posts Filmdrunk was making fun of the week before), it was only a matter of time before Avatar straight-up killed a man.

According to AFP, the 42-year-old cinemagoer, surnamed Kuo, had a history of high blood pressure and suffered a stroke while watching the film in in the northern city of Hsinchu (Taiwan).  Emergency room doctor Peng Chin-chih told AFP: “It’s likely that the over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms.” [Ed.- He then added, “This movie is so exciting, your brain will s*** the bed!  Avatar, in theaters now.”]  The China Times reported that the incident represented “the first death linked to watching James Cameron’s science-fiction epic”. [TheRegister via Geekologie]

The first death.  Only the first.  Expect more of these as people try to spraypaint themselves blue and die from fumes, or jump on a leopard thinking it’s a leonopteryx, or get strangled by a blogger for buying an Avatar

t-shirt before even seeing the movie.  Papyrus font changes a man.

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