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08.10.10 3 Comments

11 hotties who gave your great grandpa a boner [Uproxx]

Toilet Training Not Prerequisite for a Criminal Career [Uproxx News]

Morgan Freeman in the role of a lifetime: Dolphin prosthesis doc [

Hurley is on the cover of Weezer’s next album [WarmingGlow]

Man dies competing for the illustrious . . . The World Sauna Championships? [WithLeather]

Justin Bieber heroically stops a flying water bottle with his face [TheSmokingSection]

The Christopher Nolan Flowchart [NextRound]

17 Cats Eating Pizza [BuzzFeed]

50 things for guys to do before they die [Guyism]

10 Videos of Reporters Destroying Things [Urlesque]

Sexiest, Sloppiest and Funniest Viral Moments from the 2010 World Cup [TheSmokingJacket]

“San Francisco IT admin who installed secret back door access to the city’s computers, sentenced to four years of unlimited back door access” Oh snap, Fark.

VIDEO BELOW: “An ambidextrous artist shows off his amazing talents . . . at the same time.” [via UniqueDaily]

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