Want To Watch Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant Do Identical Moves? Sure You Do

08.30.12 5 years ago 86 Comments

Photo: SI

Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. They represent two of the most polarizing names in sports the last 50 years for a bevy of reasons. And from now until the end of the time, the duo will always be linked with one another. The fact of the matter is this. Kobe – because of occasional obsession to mimic that of his childhood idol from the jersey number all the way down to his mannerisms – will fail to be truly appreciated for the all-time great he is until long after he takes his final dribble.*

Yet and still, there are similarities in their games and this nifty video shows the two taking essentially the exact same shot during in-game scenarios. What it all means in the long run, I’m not sure, but it’s a cool watch if you’ve got about three minutes to kill. Kobe diehards will use this to support their claim, “See, he is the best thing since Mike. I told you!” Meanwhile, Jordan stans will simply laugh. Neither is exactly right in the matter; neither is exactly off base. And then there’s people like myself, long term M.J. disciples and present day LeBron loyalists, who simply wait for the debate to turn into Kobe/LeBron.

I digress out of respect for sticking to topic at hand however. All this reminds me of a debate (which got lightweight heated) I found myself in last weekend. If you’ve got a must win game on the road for all the tea in China, and you’re superstar had to give you 35+ – Kobe in his prime circa, let’s say, 2004-2008 or M.J. in his prime circa 1989-1993 – who are you choosing?


* – This doesn’t apply if you are a Celtics fan, in which case you’re allowed to hate any Laker for simply just being a Laker. That’s how this rivalry thing works.

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