SYFY Channel And Universal Team Up For Movies No One Will Watch

12.17.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Some people say the SyFy Channel went downhill when they changed their name from the “Sci Fi” to “SyFy,” no doubt to cater to the growing illiterate demographic. Others say it was when they shifted their focus to movies of the “giant monster vs. giant monster” variety. Still others say it was when they cancelled Stargate Universe…even though that only happened the other day. But what matters is that people just don’t seem to care as much about SyFy as they used to.

So, it’s interesting that Universal likes the channel enough to forge an alliance with it, creating a partner ship called SyFy Films. The new film banner is looking to put out two Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror or Supernatural films every year starting in 2012. Does this mean we’ll finally be getting a sequel to Mansquito? It left so many unanswered questions…like “why did anyone bother making it?”


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