Uproxx Shelter: The Internet’s Best Animal-Related Public Postings

10.14.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

I’m not sure when exactly it was that domesticated pets decided to defy evolution and grant themselves the freedom to leap fences, but somewhere along the way they did and ever since mankind has been struggling to corral them back into their respected confines. Surprisingly enough, even in this futuristic age of high-speed internet connections and Shake Weight technologies, the ancient practice of stapling a MISSING PET sign to a telephone pole is still one of the most efficient ways to communally spread word that not even your own animals want to be near you. While sending out a mass e-mail or crying uncontrollably in the shower does help the situation, utilizing your arts and crafts-given birthright and photocopying off a thousand pet pictures is easily just as effective. At any rate, celebrating your pet’s most distinguished features should not have to wait for a LOST PUPPY sign or a HAVE YOU SEEN ME poster. Sometimes people just need to be in the know of an amazing looking animal, even if they aren’t necessarily on the loose. Contained within the following pages are some of the best animal-related public postings the internet has to offer.

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