Vikings + Amazons = World Domination

06.13.07 11 years ago 22 Comments

Usually KSK isn’t much for leering at players’ personal lives– we’re above all that tawdry stuff. However, we must give credit where credit is due. Word is that the Vikes’ Bryant McKinnie is dating Venus Williams. Good on ya, big man. Maj totally wants to eat chocolate cake off Venus’ ass. This hook-up has to be good for Venus too. As Bryant famously demonstrated on Lake Minnetonka, he is all about the little man in the boat.

Venus could be the hottest Viking Queen since Hagar’s old lady.

Meanwhile, Serena Williams is currently dating the PGA’s Hank Kuehne. What stunningly divergent tastes in men. Are their significant others always such diametric opposites? If Venus was dating George Stephanopoulos, would Serena start dating the Great Khali? The mind reels.

If Serena will go out with ol’ Hank here,
Unsilent Majority might just have a chance after all.

[Note: Or maybe both of these guys are dating Venus. Or perhaps someone is taking liberties with the truth. At this point, we aren’t sure of much except that none of the Williams sisters are sharing their sweet loving with KSK. And that, kids, is a damn shame.]

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