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06.03.19 2 months ago

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This was a thrilling week for pop diva returns. Katy Perry is back with her first new solo music of 2019, the immediate Song Of The Summer contender “Never Really Over.” No, you’re not dreaming — Camila Cabello has a new single with Mark Ronson, co-written with Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker. Kim Petras is continuing her pop domination with her sixth single in as many weeks, and Charli XCX honored The Spice Girls with an infectious, creative cover of “Wannabe.” It’s all a little overwhelming, honestly, but an enjoyable kind of chaos, because pop doesn’t get any better than this.

Every week, Uproxx will round out the best new pop releases of the last seven days. Listen up.

Kim Petras, “Do Me”

Kim Petras has delivered the summer fling anthem of the season. “Do Me” is arguably the best song of Petras’ career so far, fun and unique and endlessly catchy. “Do Me” delights in the raunchiness of its lyrics (it’s about exactly what you think it’s about), and Petras gets some top-tier vocal moments. “Do Me” is the sixth single the German pop singer has released in the last six weeks. That kind of pace is impossible to keep up forever, but as long as the bops are this great, we’ve got no choice but to match her tempo.

Herve Pagez, Feat. Diplo And Charli XCX, “Spicy”

Even if you think you’ve heard “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls a million times, I promise you’ve never heard it like this. French electronic artist Herve Pagez, American EDM staple Diplo, and English electro-pop princess Charli XCX are the Avengers of pop music on “Spicy.” The trio turn “Wannabe” into a breezy Latin-and-dancehall-inspired track, with Charli perfectly playing the roles of all five Spice Girls. The song itself is great, but the music video is an especially crucial watch. It’s a trippy, technicolor (dolphin) ride.

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