“I Was A Man With No Name…”

10.21.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

I can’t say it’s for a lack of exposure that I’ve ignored B.o.B. as long as I have, but can you blame me? With so many new artists coming out you have to do something to impress me. I’m not gonna go through countless songs and mixtapes waiting for something to catch my ear. Sometimes I just want to hear something on the (satellite) radio and be forced to say “what the hell is this?” “I’ll Be In The Sky” did that to me a few days ago. The simple piano chord intro caught my ear immediately and when the beat dropped and those hand claps started going my head was bobbing before I even had to chance to know what was going on.

It’s not everyday you hear an emerging artist contemplate life & death, but the lighthearted feel to it lets the listener take as much as they want from the lyrics. The influences of Outkast and especially Andre 3000 are evident throughout the song as this would sound right at home on Stankonia or later sonically. He’s not gonna blow you away with his lyrics on this, but his use of harmony and ability to ride the beat are a marvel to listen to and the melody/chorus are infectious in that way you can find yourself humming it at the inopportune times.

Now I’ll just have to find those mixtapes I downloaded way back when & I’ll be good to go for awhile.

B.o.B. – “I’ll Be In The Sky”

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