Questlove Vs. Nardwuar In One Epic Interview

05.02.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

Questlove crosses the border to “Vancouver British Columbia Canada” and gets greeted by Nardwuar. The results create what may be one of the longest interviews done by Nardwuar since it crosses the 45-minute mark. But this is Questlove we’re talking about. If there’s anyone as eccentric and knowledge about music and musicians as Nardwuar is that person would be The Roots’ drummer.

The conversations drifts as they cover a wide spectrum of topics from music, personal life and more but one the peaks comes as Quest explains how Hawaiian Punch once got him in a lot of trouble as a tyke. As he tells it, “I suckerpunched the shit out of my mother… I got in a lot of trouble for that.”

Reason enough to watch.

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