Coming Attractions: Ewing Center Retro 2014

03.29.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

Words By Retro Boogie

For a solo effort, the team behind the Ewing Athletics brand is certainly earning their money.

Relaunching last year with the 33 Hi releases in limited numbers brought the formerly defunct shoe company did wonders for raising awareness in the sneaker community. The quality, modest price point, and bulky ass feel of the early ’90s shoe made Ewings a near instant sell out. Now, there’s the Ewing Center Retro Pack dropping next week and also looking to make some headway into the retro sneaker market.

After releasing the 33 Hi and Focus, the Ewing Center retros are much slimmer on the foot. Yeah they’re still bulky enough, but more along the lines of a Nike Air Force 180 or Nike Air Command rather than wearing a suede couch on each foot. Both pairs are tastefully executed and tailored for different purposes. Black if you’re looking for a solid go-to pair, and the Knicks joints to show the NY sports teams some love. No matter which you pick, there’s no wrong choice with these.

The Ewing Centro Retro 2014 Pack releases April 4th. Cop them at Ewing Athletics.

Ewing Center Retro 6

Ewing Center Retro 5

Ewing Center Retro 4

Ewing Center Retro 3

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