Monday Night Episode 6: Return of the Eli

10.13.08 9 years ago 36 Comments

Monday saw the further degradation of the once-juggernaut NFC Beast, as the Giants quickly lost patience with Brandon Jacobs simply running over the defense and decided to put the game in Eli’s hands. The Browns, with the Sharpie-scrawled helmets, a suddenly productive Braylon Edwards, Wildcat formation plagiarism and sans swole-nuts Winslow, shocked the world by intercepting all of Elisha’s poorly thrown passes that were forced into coverage. More troubling, however, was the absence of Suzy. We didn’t see her after the pregame. What gives, WWL?

Much as it troubles me to ever see the Browns win anything, the Gints definitely needed to be taken down a peg. A Giants fan felt the need to chat me up right before kickoff: “Tonight is a good night for sports. The Rays are curb-stomping the Red Sox and the Giants are about to throttle the Browns!”


The hirsute Browns fans got the better of him. This was a pretty entertaining game, but getting spoiled by the cheerleader shots from the Chargers-Patriots game doesn’t adequately prepare one for the Pound. Coining the new nickname Smacks-a-ho for Burress was a needed task but, sadly, a standout performance by Horseballs forces the Brady Quinn Experiment back into the shadows of the highway overpass.

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