PoV: DeShawn Stevenson Has An ATM In His Kitchen

05.30.12 5 years ago 10 Comments

Aside from looking like an extra in a Fonzworth Bentley video, DeShawn Stevenson has officially upped the ante on meaningless, yet equally entertaining household appliances. Taken from his Instagram page, Stevenson appears to have money machine in his kitchen. Not just any kind either, the one you dread using because you’ll get beat over the head with a $3 charge. But you do it anyway because all you really want to do is get drunk.

DeShawn and I haven’t seen eye-to-eye over the years for obvious reasons, but credit to him for such a great laugh. Mi amigo Cadet, on the other hand, was none to pleased given the fact this is what his Nets hard earned money is being used towards.

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