The Best Moments From Saints-Falcons

11.30.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

The Saints went into the Georgia Dome fresh off their airport egging full of bluster. Drew Brees led off his pregame barking huddle by saying that the NFC South is still theirs. A rousing sentiment, even if pretty much impossible even had the Saints won last night, which they decisively did not.

Instead, Drew Brees threw five interceptions and his NFL record streak of games with at least one touchdown pass has come to an end, meaning now begins the countdown to Tom Brady trolling it right out from underneath him sometime next year. Sorry, Breesus.

With that, the Saints have only the faintest of hopes of eking out a playoff appearance this season. Perhaps they can begin thinking of next year, when Sean Payton might be back if he doesn’t sign with another team, and hopefully something is done about that defense.


For a rivalry that doesn’t get as much hoopla as some others, there’s a healthy amount of hatred between Falcons and Saints fan. Witness this Atlanta fan in a middle finger costume spotted outside the Georgia Dome during pregame. That’s good hating hustle.


This, on the other hand, is somewhat less impressive. You could at least get a space between the “screw” and “dat” so it’s easier to make out. Sure, it’s a get-up that’s easier to get inside the stadium than a giant middle finger, but it could still use some work. And fewer feathers.

I don’t have any extraordinary beef with the Falcons. In fact, there are times I kind of feel bad for them because the media trolls their players and coaches so hard with the “you guys haven’t won a playoff game” narrative at every turn. Like, all the time. After every win, it seems, someone is sticking a mike in Matt Ryan and asking, “Yeah, that win was good, but you know it means nothing until you win in the postseason, right?” And this is, like, wins in Week 3.

That said, I hope the Falcons never win again because Matt Ryan’s triumph rageface is frightening.

New Orleans came away from its final drive before half with no points for the derpiest reason of all: they let the clock expire. So, so good. Perhaps paving the way for an Andy Reid arrival next year? Either way, I love this Falcons fan shrugging to the team as they run to the locker room, like, “Hey, I don’t know how you fucked it up, either.”


Would never have pegged Santa for a Falcons fan. Could be, here’s trying to catch Michael Turner in the act of eating all his milk and cookies.

Let’s see if Breesus has it in him to forget Lance Moore for costing him his streak? I say… yeah, probably.

I don’t want to make it seem like Brees was the victim of bad team play last night, because he derped it up good on some of those interceptions. But his receivers weren’t doing him a ton of favors either. Darren Sproles dropped this long pass along the sideline midway through the third quarter when the Saints were threatening to actually take a lead. The best part is when William Moore sits there and laughs at him on the ground.

The Saints had some long third down conversions, but other than that, this run by Pierre Thomas was about their only impressive play on offense. It was initially ruled a touchdown, but placed back on the 1 after review. The Saints ran it on the next play for their only touchdown of the game. Once again, could have just down a quick rollout toss to the tight end and the streak would still be alive.

Kid just getting through it because he knows Falcons Santa is in the building.

Tony Gonzalez made a nice catch for his touchdown score, but those old bones can only handle so much athleticism. Only he was just directly under the goalpost and didn’t feel like turning around to do his usual dunk celebration. If only the announcers has mentioned a few more times that he and Jimmy Graham had at one point played basketball, it would have been fresh in his mind.

Makes sense. The Falcons wear red. LIKE THE DEVIL!

Pretty pissed at NFL Network for barely showing any of Ludacris’ halftime performance. Because that’s not as fun as listening to Rich Eisen stroke Matty Ice.


New Orleans O-Coordinator looks like a mole

The Lord Formerly Known as Revisisle

If this game is a blow-out, I have a strong feeling the crowd will be practicing their “S-E-C” chants.

Lobster Mobster


Why thank you Eddie Murray Sparkles

How come the guys with the most Cajun names DeCoud and Babineux don’t play for New Orleans?


How polite of the NFL to mention that Marvin Harrison was once alive. Here, I thought they’d buried that particular name as deep as possible.

DJ Dr Fluffers

Im learning a lot from this game. so far in my notes i have “receivers have to catch the football”


Drew Brees is 33, is it any coincidence that he’s been getting crucified lately?

La Flama Blanca

Turner is averaging 10 yards per carry, so it’s taking roughly 30sec for the Saints to tackle him.

Bucket O’ Haterade

This game should be raining fantasy points. Thanks for shoving all of these Thursday games down our throat Goodell. Asshole.

Porn Stache

OMG guys, you’re totally missing out on this local commercial! It’s Donald Driver for McDonalds, and it’s this hilarious bit about how his name is Donald and the restaurant is McDonalds which leads to confusion! Comedy gold!

/shoot me now

/I hate Wisconsin

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