Best Week/Worst Week: Local Reporters and Weed Enthusiasts

07.25.14 3 years ago 31 Comments

There is nothing that local sports reporters love more than the start of NFL training camp. After a long summer of baseball and staring at the sun until it hurts, local reporters get to report on the stuff that matters.

It’s basically camp for them too. They get to leave their families behind and head to exotic new locales like Pittsford, Berea and something called Bourbonnais. Is that what you call it when you mix bourbon with mayonaisse? I don’t know, but all of the local reporters will get together at the nearest bar that night and try to pay somebody (Grant Paulsen) five bucks to do a shot of it.

Then they go rest their heads on their pillows at whichever moderately priced business traveler hotel gives their employer the best rate, wake up, and tweet iPhone pictures of guys stretching, knowing full well that that shit’s going to get retweeted by a handful of strange people.

Then it’s back to the same bar, eating the same food and talking to the same people until you get sick of it and are dying to go home. But for the first couple of days? Heaven.

Player intros are going to be a bit less smokey next year.

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Justin Blackmon is currently serving an indefinite suspension from the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, with an opportunity to apply for reinstatement prior to the season. Earlier this week he was pulled over with two blunts in his car, which means he’s about to be the latest NFL player to get suspended for an entire season for smoking weed.

In other news, TWO FUCKING WEEKS FOR RAY RICE! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And yes, we know that drug suspensions are collectively bargained while domestic violence suspensions aren’t, so shut up.

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