So This Guy ESTA. Is Pretty Good At Making Beats

06.05.13 4 years ago 13 Comments

California’s own ESTA. is no rookie when it comes to producing but I’m late to the party. Being tardy isn’t a bad thing in this case since his backlog reveals his development and versatility. Laid back grooves to party records are all fair game to him and a sample of his range is only a few words away.

Take his latest song “$auce” for example. ESTA supposedly found inspiration from Gucci Mane, a regular wizard of wordplay, and came up with what you’re hearing now. Who knows how he got from point A to point B here but the end product is quality either way. The 808 driving the kick is an especially dope touch along with the sampled Schoolboy Q ad-libs.

Maybe “$auce” is too boisterous for your tastes. Then lets switch gears to something more relaxing. “LisaBonet.” has been a personal favorite for a while not only because it refers to everyone’s favorite, odd-ball Huxtable. The track’s mellow enough but the snares and those huge claps give it a bigger sound. The song’s breezy vibes makes it just right for the summertime as well. Perhaps it’ll find its way to your seasonal playlist.

Well my case rests. What’s the word on ESTA. around these parts? Let opinions fly in the comments as usual. Check out ESTA.’s Soundcloud page if the jury’s still out.

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