“I Know It Was You, Fredo.”

12.12.08 9 years ago 61 Comments

“…You Broke My Heart.”

The word has begun to trickle out, summed up quite well by DJ Xplosive. Since no one else loosely related to the blogger side of things has said a word, I’ll break the ice.

In terms of manipulating/gaining the attention of the innernuts, The Hamiltonization Process was a stroke of pure genius by Charles & his team. Fairly well executed, individualized projects every two weeks, premiering @ some of the best & truest Hip-Hop sites around. The Pink Lavalamp was slated to release via the good folks @ OnSmash, the final installment in the three month long Process.

But then the monkey wrench was thrown in the game… and the project debuted @ ThisIs50.com.

Here is where the We — the You & I — might have to part ways. If you’re of the school of thought that says when a bigger opportunity comes, you take it… well, you might want to stop reading. This is your fork in the road.

But I’m with you if you’re from the alternate school of thought that says, “Yes, even an imbecile can recognize that ThisIs50 is a bigger site, better wheels behind it pushing the machine to full throttle.” That’s easy. The hard part is standing up & sticking with the script, holding down your end of the bargain, saying “All of that may be true, but I arrangement was made previous to that & I’m holding my word on that decision.”

I’m not “mad.” Not in the least. Not even disappointed by the whole thing.

I’m more — pardon my e-speak — SMH at what took place.

Charles & Co. took for granted the very people & sites who helped build him up. For his part, he claims no part in the decision-making, saying “That was an administrative decision, and I was not behind the scenes on that.” Partially, I believe that. He’s young. We’ll assume Interscope laid convincing arguments as to why straying from the plan, even though it was almost complete, would prove immensely beneficial to Charles’ career. But another part of me wonders why no one on his side, between management, artist & the label, spoke up & said “We need to see this Process through, then we’ll do another tape for ThisIs50.”

Not only was that not the move, but it was trumped by even more ignorance when artist/label/whoever-the-fuck decided to embark on a fabricated “beef” with fellow Interscope artist Soulja Boy, not surprisingly on the day Pink Lavalamp debuted. Since he essentially told us that he knew better than to even try to go @ Soulja Boy, who has since convinced him otherwise between his Session & this week? Underestimating the appeal of Soulja Boy or overestimating how well endeared Sonic The Hamilton was, the whole idea has left egg on the face of everyone… aside from Soulja Boy. The guy is good with this Web 2.0 battling thing, undefeated in fact. For him & his fans, another one bit the inevitable dust.

Interscope was trying to establish Hamilton as an anti-hero. He was their answer for all the hip-hop fans who reject Soulja Boy’s music. They assumed his online presence was strong enough to compete with that of Soulja Boy and attempted to instigate a fight between the two respective fan bases. Nice try.

All credibility he had was lost when he sold his soul to the suits and allowed them to turn his career into this cheap marketing campaign. In the end he disrespected the blog sites that he owes his career to, embarrassed himself and insulted the intelligence of his fans by expecting them to buy into the gimmick.[XplosiveWorld]

Now that his stock has taken a mighty dent, his e-backers backing away from him, here Charles is back @ square one. Another victim of the 80/20 rule (word to Boney on the assist).

As an artist, he will have to prove himself all over again. To the average supporter of Soulja Boy, I’ll assume that it was more “Charles who?” before & after this whole thing. To those who already didn’t believe that he was a worthy talent, there was nothing lost. He’ll have to earn back the respect of those vested few who did think he was talented enough to become a somebody in this rap game. Those who gave up a portion of their creative space to give shine on his.

Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.”

Most of you have seen the Godfather trilogy & know the storylines. Fredo thought Moe Green would hold him down, leading him to greener pastures filled with money & respect. Expected the same blessings through his dealings with Hyman Roth. In the end, Fredo’s fate was ultimately sealed by his turning his back on his family, his support system. The kiss of death from his brother Micheal was just theatrical greatness.

Charles, learn from Fredo.

iSouljaBoyTellEm drops 12.16.

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