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It’s problematic to say the Super Bowl got ideal weather knowing it is forecast to be above freezing and not precipitating at kickoff. That reasoning assumes there’s actually something inherently wrong with cold weather and snow. At the same time, the fact that it’s supposed to be clear and the 40s shows how pointless it was for the media to spend years fretting that an outdoor New York Super Bowl would be beset by extreme elements. Had that been the case, you know they’d be questioning the legitimacy of the outcome no matter the winner because of their perceived influence of the weather.

By now, we’ve all heard the narratives 100 times over and know well that it’s NUMBER ONE OFFENSE VERSUS NUMBER ONE DEFENSE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE VERSUS LEGION OF IMMOVABLES. Perhaps Peyton Manning’s legacy will be changed with a win. Most likely, he’s not going to struggle to be remembered as a great quarterback even if he loses his Super Bowl. As for the Seahawks, they’re young and presumed to have a good chance to get back, though that’s always easier said than done.

Normally, the Seahawks combative approach in the secondary would be vulnerable to drawing a bunch of interference penalties against an offense led by Peyton Manning, though the refs’ habit of “lettin’ ’em play” in the Super Bowl means that Denver advantage is likely to be negated and then some. Though it should be interesting to see how the officials enforce the Broncos’ beloved pick plays after Wes Welker was responsible for a high-profile injury on one two weeks ago.

Other than that, safe to say we’re all done with earnest discussions of Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman and the media. Let’s just hope the game makes up for the awful buildup.

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