NBC’s four-hour architechtural panel discussion might disrupt your NFL viewing

09.20.09 8 years ago 179 Comments

It cost a billion dollars. It will stand for centuries. It will inspire children to grow into succesful adults. It will cure your erectile dysfunction. It will make you a sandwich while you watch reruns of Night Court.

NBC wasn’t satisfied with their preseason mouth-party for the Cowboy’s new stadium, so we get round two tonight. What the networks haven’t figured out yet is that no one outside of fans of Latin America’s team gives a rat’s ass about a new stadium. So prepare yourself for the onslaught of useless information about Jerral Jones’ monument to his own ego. (“Y’know Al, this stadium has enough square footage to hold 4.5 trillion extra-wide magenta neckties. That’s enough to keep Keyshawn Johnson looking like a foppish prick until the sun collapses into a singularity.”)

A crowd of over 100,000 is expected tonight, however most of them will be so far away that the echos of the cheers aren’t expected to reach the field until sometime Tuesday morning. That’s not to say that Dallas won’t enjoy a home-field advantage, as Eli Manning is known to be distracted by shiny objects.

Feel free to put all of your insightful observations in the comments below. Unless, of course, you’d rather spend the evening preparing baked goods.

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