On Erykah Badu As DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown

03.29.11 7 years ago 17 Comments

Alter egos exist throughout music, giving artists room to experiment without their main hustle suffering too many repercussions. Badu’s one who can ply her wares in almost any musical lane and fans will find a way to follow along to her Pied Piper tunes and it’s mostly because she’s a crafty sorceress, adept and well-studied. As evidenced in the visual short below, Lo Down Loretta Brown, the performance name Erykah rocks as a DJ, knows the pulse of what people want, able to dictate the pace of music from behind the DJ booth just as well as she can the microphone while singing.

“Back in January, Erykah (aka Lo Down Loretta Brown) asked me to come down to Miami to film a DJ set she was slated to perform alongside Dead Prez and Supanova. The night before the show, I kicked it hard with Erykah, her manager Paul, and her DJ, Ringo. On the day of the show, we hung in the trailer with the Last Poets and Supanova. One thing I’ve learned from my many years in the industry is that every artist has a specific idiosyncratic pre-show routine. Supanova showed his colors early, coaxing the team into outdoor stretching exercises. With sound mind and sound body, we hit the venue, where an excited crowd got to see their favorite artist’s deejaying alter ego spin a thorough classic(s) set.” [Creative Control]

DJ Lo Down dons her DJ cap again soon when she plays host to the TSS-presented CPR BlendTape by Gods’illa. Watch for the hook.


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