Randall Cobb Listened To Peppy

09.09.11 6 years ago 32 Comments

A few things we learned this evening:

The amount we missed this game is indeed proportionate to its capacity for wonderment.

Tiny Darren is vastly superior to Reggie Bush.

The abbreviated training camp might have had an adverse effect of the quality of tackling in the early going of the season.

Only you – yes, you – know for sure what the Saints should have done on their failed 4th down attempts.

Between Fairy Deion flacking for DirecTV and oddly miniature Coors Light-shilling Herm Edwards, tiny football pundits will sell us all the products we’d rather live without.

The new kickoff rule will lead to an unfortunate overabundance of touchbacks, but that doesn’t mean excitement will be expunged entirely from kickoff returns.

gif via @miloian

Ring hats were okay until it seemed likely that fans of every championship team were going to get them.

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