Shy Glizzy – Young Jefe Mixtape

02.17.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

shy glizzy bigga rankin young jefe mixtape

Every time I hear DC’s Shy Glizzy it’s a reminder that he’s got one of the best voices out. It’s different enough to the point where he’s always distinguishable on tracks, but not so polarizing that its a turn off. Regardless of what he’s rapping about, he always seems to sound happy, too. Between his vocal tone and a showing of some of ATL’s finest rappers and producers, Young Jefe is another solid effort from the young rapper as he keeps working his way to growing recognition.

On a related note, are Thugger Thugger and PeeWee Longway a package deal? They both appear on two songs together on the 18-track tape. Contemplate that while also watching Glizzy’s “La Introduccion” video below.

DownloadShy Glizzy – Young Jefe Mixtape

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