‘The Wiz’ And How Racism Eased On Down The Road Last Night

12.04.15 2 years ago 20 Comments


Words By Marky Mark

On Thursday night, NBC’s live broadcast of The Wiz Live! premiered to some pretty dope reviews. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a single bad word about the production. From the set design, to the music, everyone was seemingly pleased. Well, except some people took umbrage with the casting.

No, they didn’t have a problem with any specific casting choices, but rather the fact that the casting was all black. Those people would be called racists. But these people went out of their way to not only offend black people, but also fans of Broadway, fans of film, and, ya know, history.

Since these people seemingly have no idea of anything that happened before 2015 nor do they understand the definition of racism, I figured this would be the perfect time for an education.

Let’s start here, shall we?

The Wiz gif

Yes we can. It’s called…The Wizard of Oz.

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