Trey Songz – “Best I Ever Had”

07.21.09 8 years ago 20 Comments

In this case, pushing an album back will likely prove itself as beneficial. I’m sure Trey wanted that August 4 release date (8/04…the area code which he and I both claim), but a September 1 date should be more than enough time to properly promote his third LP, Ready. Meanwhile, Songz continues to pump out music at a blinding pace and on this particular effort he tackles what, when it’s all said and done, may possibly go down as the summer anthem of 2009.

Had this been any other artist, there’s a good chance I would never written this post seeing as how EVERYONE and their agent has borrowed this record at some point or another. Yet, Trey’s perfectly placed “YUUP” ad-lib in the first verse is enough to bend the rules.

Be sure to also grab his latest Herculean effort, Anticipation, for some high quality R&B.

Don’t thank me, thank Trey’s Twitter.


Download — Trey Songz – “Best I Ever Had”

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