Wale Only Performs For Pretty Girls…

05.21.10 7 years ago 35 Comments

…And not the gays.

With touring being the livelihood of an artist’s career, it would take some extreme circumstances for them to back out (hmmmm) on being the headliner of an event. Wale was scheduled to headline the Legacy Festival and Wellness Expo during Memorial Day weekend (a.k.a. a big f*ckin’ check), but when he found out the majority of the males were looking forward to chillin’ with him after the show, he had to respectfully decline.

Via his management team:

“Cancelled shows in various markets in May alone due to his extensive spring touring of over 50 shows in March and April,” in an effort to record new music and spend time with his family. All of the facts of the event were not disclosed with the offer and therefore, he feels mislead and regretfully declines.”

Lame excuse, but we already know what it is. Earl Fowlkes, one of the D.C. Black Pride board members wasn’t buying it, however and had a few choice words directed at towards the situation.

”Basically we had an agreement, and we were very clear to the different parties and agents involved that this was an LGBT event,” Fowlkes says. ”We said, ‘We told you up front, how could we hide that DC Black Pride is LGBT? They just said he couldn’t do it. So it basically is homophobia rearing its ugly head once again, and on our 20th anniversary, it’s really sad.”

The term “phobia” describes fear and scared or not, Wale is making a statement here. Was it the fear of backlash from the Hip-Hop community or fear of more gay rumor posts from Sandra Rose? Or maybe it was the fear of having his junk mishandled should he happen to do a stage dive. His team said they will make it up to the promoters but for now, they’ll have to live with Wale pulling out early. No homo.

Wale Scorned For Cancelling Concert At D.C. Gay Pride Event [Hip Hop Wired]

Maybe Slim Thug will save the day. On second thought…

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